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bye bye Switzerland

… strange feeling, just had my last working day in the office yesterday and said goodbye to colleagues and my bosses … now its done… we are getting to where we wanted to and dreamed about the last months, I still can´t believe it that after only three years of living a “normal life” we are going to live on the road again… camping every night somewhere in the forest, in the desert or whereever we find a place to stay and I am really looking forward to… Tomorrow we will move our stuff and in a little more than a week we will ride to Lörrach to take the car-train to Hamburg and our next adventure will start again…. now it becomes reality again and not only a dream. Although I know that there will be great experiences and interessting people, places and adventure ahead of us, it is again difficult to leave the known… but you just have to go one step after another, first quit everything you are bound to in your normal environment, then go and make new bounds which you don´t know yet and you don´t know yet what that will be exactly but isn´t that the life we all wish to have, full of surprises and challenges to develop self-confidence and self-awareness, to stick to your own principles while opening your heart and mind for the extraordinary in your daily life…. keep looking for it and make the best of every day!

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almost time to go :-)

almost time to go :-)

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