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some more weeks to go

it´s mid of May and only 7 weeks to go until we will leave Switzerland again…. it is a strange feeling knowing that you quit everything again and leave that security behind, but at the same time it is great to have something to look forward to.. a goal to be reached, the freedom to be gained back again… three years doesn´t seem a long time to step out of “normal” life again but for us it can´t be early enough by now…. but there is  still a lot to do until the final goodbyes with all the paperwork which has to be done as we are not leaving our homecountry but a foreign country where we live and worked the last three years… that means we have to get all our papers rewritten for Germany (new passports, new address in Germany, new insurances, new drivers licence etc.) and you know how it is with all the organizational stuff… it takes time… so will keep you posted about the ongoings 🙂

take care!

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